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Selling your home is a chance to make a profit. However, this chance at profitability can come under serious threat if your house isn’t looking its best. A key part of this has to do with its paint. Substandard painting can detract from the overall attractiveness of a house and weaken your negotiating position during its sale. You can get professional house painters in Sarasota, Florida, to give your house a beautiful paint job.
Home buyers are very particular about several aspects of a house before purchasing it. A poorly-done paint job is one of those things that can derail a potential sale.

Paint Jobs and Choosing the Right Color

The power of good paint for a house sale cannot be underestimated. Below are ways in which painting influences a home sale.

Setting the Mood

Color is a powerful tool. For many people, it has an emotional component to it. This is a good thing if you’re planning on selling your house. Many people usually talk about how a room ‘feels’ when they’re in it. A big part of that feeling includes the room’s appearance. Painting plays a crucial role in that appearance. This psychological aspect of how a room (and a house) feels is what paint influences most.

If you plan on selling your home, it helps to put yourself in the prospective buyer’s shoes. Ask yourself whether or not your home’s current look will make buyers jump at the prospect of buying it. If the look is not giving the right impression, a professional paint job might be just what your house needs to liven things up. The right paint color on a few walls could make all the difference, giving your house a welcoming ‘feel’ and a few extra dollars on its selling price.

Specific Shades Can Boost House Prices

While colors are definitive, much of what they mean and represent to people is subjective. However, some general trends hold regarding what home buyers find attractive in a house interior.
A great deal of this attractiveness is due to different hues of paint. Certain shades in a house’s interior leave a more favorable impression on prospective buyers, helping to sway their decision to purchase. The right hue influences not only the purchasing decision but also how much a buyer is willing to pay. It is not uncommon for houses with the right paint hue in general areas like the living room to fetch an extra $4000 on the asking price.
Colors, it seems, enable buyers to make certain assumptions about the house and its owner. Such buyers then project their self-image onto such a house.
Hues of blue seem to inspire more positivity and willingness to pay extra. A dark blue hue on bedroom walls reinforces the general notion of what a bedroom should be like; quiet and inviting enough to induce sleep.
Of course, only specific hues are appropriate for particular rooms and sections of a house.
Colors with neutral hues can be just as effective at positively swaying purchasing decisions. For example, a warm, gray hue is both versatile and inviting. Colors like bright green and orange provide some of the less desirable hues; these are aggressive and outlandishly unattractive. They are likely to leave a bad impression and weaken a seller’s negotiating position.

Attractive and Neutral Colors Offer More Decoration Options for a Buyer

Every buyer is different. For many people, a house is more an extension of their personality. As such, they’ll want to assert this personality on every aspect of a house when they purchase it. This usually means re-decorating a few things here and there. Color is a crucial part of this re-decoration. Neutral colors and hues mean one’s options for re-decoration aren’t limited. Having neutral colors when selling a house is always advisable; it signals to the prospective buyer that they can re-paint the interior to suit their personality. Psychologically, it acts as a blank canvas for their dreams and aspirations.
The general idea is to have soft or neutral colors that don’t offend a prospective buyer. When you’re unsure of which paint colors are ideal, it’s best to stick to neutral colors like gray.

When Necessary, Avoid the All-White Paint Job

Many homeowners choose to paint the house interior white before putting it up for sale. The idea is that white is a universally acceptable color that’s guaranteed not to offend potential buyers. However, this might be counterproductive.
A house with an all-white interior appears “without a soul” as some people would like to put it. It doesn’t feel like a home. Since color is a major emotional trigger that influences purchasing decisions, an all-white paint job might derail a potential house sale. It’s best to have the interior white walls interspersed with other darker hues to project some positivity to potential buyers.
The type of house and its location can also dictate what colors are deemed attractive. For instance, a posh villa in an upper-class neighborhood can have some bold colors on a few interior walls without offending a potential buyer’s senses. This is because, in the context of such a house and the neighborhood in which it is located, such bold colors might be construed as a mark of luxury. This can bump up the house price.

Trendy Colors May Not Always be Suitable

The internet is flooded with attractive house pictures with interiors that have a wide variety of color blends. This can be misleading to many homeowners who think such house interior colors are universally trendy. However, a color that looks good in a picture may not bring out the best aesthetic factor in your house. Your house’s décor may require a different color to accentuate its best features and make it more attractive to potential buyers. Working with an interior designer can help you select the best color for your house interior to increase its likelihood of selling quickly.
Painting is a crucial aspect of a house. A poor paint job could make potential buyers back out of a deal. At Euro Restorations, Inc, we understand the impact that good painting (or lack thereof) can have on your house’s curb appeal and selling potential. Let us help you make your house more attractive by giving it the right paint job. You can contact us here

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Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives. Please contact us if you would like any additional information about our professional interior painters.

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